As the world changes, we must act on what we are learning and apply new insights and practices which are vital to maximizing the possibility for meaningful impact. Unlocking a brighter future requires reflection, intention, and a commitment to action.

—The National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) Guide for Effective Family Philanthropy, 2023.

Glowing lightbulb illuminating above an open book, symbolizing the power of knowledge to Generate Impact in the realm of ideas.

Why Generate Impact?

Generating Impact is an intentional process. It requires consciousness, awareness, and direction, among other essential puzzle pieces.

Impact C&C works with generations (multi-generational, intragenerational, cross generational etc) and the quality of the impact they are generating within each unique system as individuals, teams, families, couples, co-founders and - as a whole.

Impact C&C Areas of Focus

Impact Coaching & Consulting is committed to:

  • Elevating the leadership mindset, dynamics, experience, and opportunities for growth within each system we are privileged to work in and on.
  • Empowering all of our clients, with an emphasis on women, in their identity around and relationship to comprehensive currency and impact.
  • Connecting multi-generational philanthropic families and high-performance leaders with the circular/regenerative economy and opportunities for double/triple bottom line impact.
Dr. Rebecca Trobe, Founder/Owner/Principal of Impact Coaching & Consulting LLC, smiling confidently in a vibrant patterned blouse, embodying the spirit to Generate Impact in professional coaching and consulting.

Philosophy & Experience

I often compare working with leaders, families, and organizations to coaching athletes who are in pursuit of reaching their potential. Impact Coaching & Consulting is in the business of offering, facilitating, and designing a high-performance mindset, process, experience, and results.

Over the past 25 years, I have been privileged to engage with a diverse range of clients, across the US as well as internationally, serving as a consultant, advisor, facilitator, designer, and executive coach to:

  • C-Suite and Start-Up venture/organizational leaders, including Co-Founder teams.
  • Families engaging in a shared venture involving joint decision-making.
  • Individuals, couples, and families who are continuing and building on the existing path and stages/phases of multi-generational wealth transfer, business and/or philanthropy.
  • Those who are interested in beginning to develop their own, or a shared, path.
  • Family Offices & Family Office Advisory Teams.
  • Family Foundations & their Advisory Teams.
  • Wealth Advisors/Advisory Teams.
  • Philanthropic Advisors/Advisory Teams.

I have been privileged to be part of the advisory community that crosses the spectrum of Philanthropy, Impact Investing/ESG, and Social Finance. Over the years, my work has led me to be a part of the dynamic ecosystem of mission-driven change, double and triple bottom line (people, planet, profit), generated by philanthropic families, entrepreneurial leaders, and social change organizations.

Over the past 20+ years...

In addition to launching and operating my private practice, Impact Coaching & Consulting LLC, I have held a range of roles over the last 20+ years, including:

Founder/Owner/Principal: Impact Coaching & Consulting LLC

Executive Coach: Torch Labs

Consulting Partner & Practitioner: National Center for Family Philanthropy

Family Wealth Advisor/Consultant: Wells Fargo/Abbot Downing National Family Office/Family Dynamics Division

Co-Founder, Managing Principal: The Wealth Legacy Group

Partner, Schaffer & Combs, LLC: former Social Impact/Management Consulting Firm

Senior Consultant/Family Facilitator, 21/64: Consulting practice specializing in next generation succession and multi-generational engagement in family philanthropy

Executive Leadership Coach: Leadership Strategies, a boutique coaching firm for C-level executives and teams

Dr. Rebecca Trobe, Founder/Owner/Principal of Impact Coaching & Consulting LLC, holding a mug and gazing thoughtfully, showcasing her dedication to Generate Impact in the realm of professional development and leadership.

Educational Journey

My educational journey began with my undergraduate degree from Sarah Lawrence College, a B.A. in Psychology, Literature, and Theatre (direction, playwriting, acting), followed by a graduate degree, a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Wright Institute at The University of California, Berkeley. Along the way, I did graduate-level coursework in both Conflict Studies at Lesley College in Boston as well as Health Education/Public Health at Rutgers University.

Research Work

Read/Download Dr. Rebecca Trobe’s doctoral dissertation:

A Qualitative Study of What Motivates Young Adults of the Millennial Generation Toward Philanthropy