Dr. Rebecca Trobe: Speaker and Presenter

A dynamic visual representation of communication, with a hand holding a microphone on the left, lightbulbs symbolizing ideas being poured from a basket below, and a diverse group of individuals engaging in vibrant discussions on the right. A perfect embodiment of how to Generate Impact through effective dialogue and innovation.

Please review the following topics and themes at your leisure. We are happy to explore and customize other themes and topics that are most relevant for you and your audience/system/organization/family and may not be listed here.

Goals: To provide actionable insight, tools, and practices as well as fostering an environment of safety and comfort that promotes dialogue, connection, introspection and motivation for new action/change/impact.

Working with and within the family dynamics of wealth succession and multi-generational philanthropy.

Understanding how and why and becoming more effective when conflict arises in multi-generational systems and organizational teams.

Cultivating high-performance leadership and team performance in family systems and organizations

Adaptation & Resilience in Group Systems: Creating the conditions and the environment for teams and families to become more effective while remaining cohesive and sustaining momentum.

Succession Planning: Designing, implementing, and supporting effective change around generational and cultural shifts in families of wealth, philanthropic families and senior leadership teams.

Money & Partnership: Learning to navigate, negotiate and find the balance between “I and We”.

Women & Money: Defining and Sculpting our relationship with money.Women, Money & Giving: Building on our relationship with money to further understand the “why” of our philanthropic experience by identifying the values that guide us in our philanthropic experience and in our giving choices.

Family, Money & Philanthropy: Identifying Values, Uncovering Assumptions, Clarifying our Goals & Taking Action

Sample Presentations, National Center for Family Philanthropy:

Heartwarming embrace between family members, representing the theme of 'Conflict Repair & Fostering Psychological Safety' in family philanthropy, emphasizing the potential to Generate Impact.

Conflict Repair & Fostering Psychological Safety: Building and expanding this essential leadership skill within the culture of family philanthropy

Diverse group of professionals engaged in a thoughtful discussion, illustrating the 'Non-Family Staff Peer Network' topic, showcasing the power of collaboration to Generate Impact in family philanthropy.

Non-Family Staff Peer Network: Supporting Family Engagement and Philanthropic Impact through Conflict and Systems

Focused family board members around a table discussing strategic decisions, symbolizing the 'Board Chair Peer Network' topic, emphasizing leadership's role in generating impact through navigating family conflict.

Board Chair Peer Network: Navigating and Leading through Family Conflict and Disagreement