the Work

Athletes reach for their highest potential by putting in the work of training and skill-building with expert guidance from their coaches.  The same holds true for any individual or group interested in increasing their relational leadership capacity and capability, their range and level of impact, and the agility and resilience of their system.

Athlete poised at starting line, ready to sprint and Generate Impact on the track.

Core Themes


The heart of this work lives at the intersection of money, family, and leadership, followed closely by mission, power/influence, and identity. The goal is to transform your stressors and challenges into thriving, high-performance experiences and environments where the systems, groups, and individuals are more and more capable of generating their desired impact, reaching for their highest potential.

Most high-performance athletes and teams are in constant pursuit of their next level of potential and performance. Rarely do they seek it and reach it without their partners, their coaching team. The same is true for this work.

It is an exploration, a learning and action laboratory.

Client Profiles

What we work on:

  • Leadership Consulting & Coaching
  • Board Chair/ Board Member Coaching & Role Education
  • Governance/Culture
  • Ownership/Stewardship Alignment
  • Family Dynamics/Board Dynamics
  • Family Education
  • Next Generation Education & Leadership Development
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Policy & Mission Development
  • Succession & Continuity
  • Strategy/Tactical Planning + Implementation Guidance & Support
  • Retreat Design/Facilitation
Surreal boardroom setting with an elephant emphasizing the unaddressed issues; a metaphorical approach to Generate Impact in business discussions.

What is disrupting you from being as generative as possible and achieving your desired impact?

Our efforts to be generative and achieve our desired impact are often disrupted by conflicting tasks within a group. While the primary task focuses on fulfilling stated missions or goals, it frequently gets overshadowed by an underlying survival task.

This survival task manifests in trust breakdowns, ambiguity about power and influence, negative historical patterns influencing the present, the false hope of system consistency, and counter-productive approaches to tension like avoidance and conflict suppression.

This distraction by survival tasks, both conscious and unconscious, underpins most system dynamics. Impact Coaching & Consulting aids systems in identifying and managing these survival tasks, ensuring focus on the primary task. By increasing alignment, awareness, agility and resilience we pave the way for exponential growth, progress and generativity.

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What do Engagements look like?

Family and Organizational System Coaching, Consulting and Advising

  • 1:1, small group, couples, nuclear family, generational and cross-generational work.

This work is typically a customized engagement and often includes strategic and tactical deliberation/planning work + retreat/meeting design and facilitation.

Leadership/Executive Coaching

1:1 work, small group/senior team, and large group/team with:

  • Individual Leaders: Executives, Family Leaders, Board chairs,
  • Organizational: Co-Founders, Private Foundations, Family Offices, Start Ups, Social Ventures, Social Entrepreneurs and Mission Driven non profits

Co-Founders – 1:1 work, 1:2 work, and small group/senior team coaching.

Women – 1:1, family, couples, small and large group/team/organizational

Couples – 1:1 as well as joint work is usually recommended.

System Conflict Work – 1:1, 1:2, and both small and large group work.

Design and Facilitation – Design and Facilitation of Meetings and Retreats